You’re pushing your luck

March 16, 2006. I guess I should consider it fortunate of me that I don’t seem to find myself as busy as my peers appear to be during these last few days of the semester. Maybe it’s just my luck in profs and subjects?

Anyway, summer vacation is almost here! Last Tuesday afternoon, Kid dragged me from the UP CAST tambayan because his group needed someone to play a minor role in their Film 112 production shoot. Since my classes for the day were done, I went off with Bianx, Renei and Kid to Patti L.’s house in Project 6. Then, with Patti, we went off to the barangay/community pool where we shot a scene. There, impromptu bit-playing.

I got back to school to attend UP MCO’s last official general assembly for the school year. It was my last GA as MPRT (media & public relations team) director. The responsibility is going to be Ayeen’s next school year. Ayeen, by the way, won as Broadcast Communication Representative to the College of Mass Communication Student Council, along with Barrister, both my orgmates in UP MCO. Looks like we’re going to have an MCO bloc in the council. Haha.

After the GA, some of us went off to have some shakes at Lutong Bahay a couple of blocks away from Mass Comm. I was hungry so before going home, we stopped by at the isawan in front of Kalayaan. I gratified myself with a dose of isaw and other innards. (The isaw at the stall near Ilang-Ilang is better, for me at least).

Yesterday morning, out of coaxing, Ely, Christer and I joined this Cinesmarts quiz show by some of my CAST orgmates’ Film 102 class. It started past 9 am, and I had a fencing class at 10 so I was telling Ely not to expect to win, because I needed to leave by 10. But we ended up winning the quiz show anyway! We got ourselves flash disks and gift certificates to a salon and a music bar.

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