Full the string to stop

traffic at Commonwealth Avenue

You know how the government destroys patches of road that looks perfectly fine and then rebuilding them again? They call that maintenance. I see that as wasting government funds in projects that reek in corruption. It also causes traffic, even at the country’s widest avenue, even if kids are already off from school for their summer vacation.

My supposed 5-minute jeepney ride was prolonged to a 40-minute wait inside a crowded jeepney on a hot and humid summer night. Anyway, there was also a sign in the jeepney which read, “Full the string to stop.” I wanted to take a picture of it, but was wary of taking out my digital SLR just like that.

I came from school, from a student council-faculty meeting with the new college dean. It was a long two-hour meeting but it was fruitful. I’m really excited to help in making things work in Mass Comm even with the lack of capital funds among other problems. (Yea, yea, initial optimism and all that). Me and my colleagues are sem-planning the student council activities tomorrow too. Before that (okay, I’m backtracking now), I was at Jerwin’s apartment for the re-dubbing of their thesis short film. It was the first time for me to watch the final cut. Ang galing! The musical score was great. [Will it sound too self-serving for me if I say I am satisfied with my performance as well? Even Ma’m Gigi recognized my acting at the student council-faculty meeting].

Even before that, I came from Bulacan, where I spent the first half of the day helping out in our store. I commuted by myself, for the second time, without much hassle. But I shouldn’t get used to it, or else my mom will ask me to commute all the time!

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