Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin (Part I)

Pryce PlazaWe left Manila by plane at around a quarter past 5 AM. We arrived at Cagayan de Oro’s Lumbia Airport a little more than an hour after. It was my first time in Cagayan de Oro–actually, only my second time in Mindanao, the first being in Davao four years ago.

Our host picked us up from the airport and took us to a hotel on top of a hill overlooking the city for breakfast. The original plan of the host was to take us straight to Camiguin, but since we were in Cagayan de Oro already, we suggested that we do the white water rafting CdO has recently been famous for.

Before we reached the starting point of the white water rafting course, we dropped by this place where I tried out the canopy walk and the zipline. Whew. For an acrophobic like me, that was an accomplishment! It was scary. What made it more scary was not the height of the canopy walk nor the zipline but it was because our friend over there was walking so close behind me, he made the bridge sway a lot, I thought it would snap with both our weights combined. Hehe.

zipline and canopy walking in Cagayan de Oro

After going through that, we took off and went straight to a remote part of Cagayan de Oro, bordering Bukidnon already, at the banks of I-forget-what-the-name-is river.

White Water Rafting at Cagayan de Oro River

Wow. Before we went off on our inflated rafts, we were briefed as to how to paddle correctly and how to follow orders from our raft guide. Since it had been raining the past days, the current that day was relatively strong and the water was brownish (brown water rafting?), but still refreshingly cold.

It was an exhilarating two hours of shooting the rapids. There were fourteen rapids all in all, and we just started on the beginner’s level. Each of the rapids had different characteristics. I think what made the rafting experience more scary is the guide’s scary anecdotes and orders. He would always warn us that the raft would tumble over if we didn’t paddle hard and correctly. Fun, fun. I would’ve wanted our raft to tumble over for more adventure, but then I was with my parents and my brother and I didn’t want to see them just drown or float off.

The sceneries along the river was breathtaking. It was a shame I couldn’t bring my camera. When you do the rafting, bring your own lunches because you’d stop over at a spot in the river banks for an hour lunch break. We didn’t know that so we didn’t have food. We had to beg our guides to allow us to leave earlier (we were with two other rafts and they had food).

Check out my photo gallery for more pictures.

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