Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin (Part IV)

After having breakfast, we checked out of the resort and our host brought us to Katibawasan Falls, still in Camiguin.

Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin

We were to leave back for Manila that same day with an afternoon flight from Cagayan de Oro–so as much as I wanted to take a dip in the cold crystal clear pool at the bottom of the falls, I couldn’t. The falls itself was a tall one, 70+ feet.

Sunken Cemetery, CamiguinTo make most of our stay in Camiguin, we took the counter-clockwise route of the island’s circumferential road to make a full 360-degree drive of the entire island. We passed by the Sunken Cemetery in Catarman town, at the island’s west coast. Near the Sunken Cemetery is the ruins of Gui-ob Church. Both were devastated by an eruption of Mt. Vulcan, one of Camiguin’s volcanoes, almost 150 years ago. We didn’t stay long at those places. After a few minutes and a few snapshots, we hurriedly went off and proceeded to Benoni Port.

Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin

We arrived back at Misamis Oriental just before the clock struck 1 PM. We had less than two hours before our plane leaves for Manila, and Cagayan de Oro was almost two hours away. We had to speed through much of Misamis’ coastal highway back to CDO. We had fastfood take-out for lunch to save time. We almost missed our flight. So now, we’re back here in Quezon City. School’s about to start and I don’t know if that should delight me.

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