Have one with me

Amadeo town parish and plazaMay 1, 2006. Spent almost the entire day in Amadeo for the annual town fiesta. Stuffed myself up for a second day in a row. Masarap talagang kumain. Somtimes you just deliberately forget to care about gluttony or overeating. Regret it some other time.

One of my past times whenever the extended family gets together, aside from eating, is pseudo-playing with my nieces. I love kids. They’re adorable. Even if they appear annoying, they’re still cute. I hope they don’t grow up too fast.

my nieces
Now that we’ve brushed up on this topic, playing with kids has also become one of my past times in Bulacan, whenever I don’t feel like manning the grocery store. I actually got a myself scarred on the knee while playing tag with them. How childlike, right. When was the last time I actually got scarred in the knee because of running around the street?

Tomorrow, the social worker will come by and bring us another foster baby. I’m excited to kuya another foster baby again. I missed that. It’s been almost two years since Hailey Belle was taken by her adoptive parents to Belgium.

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