Keep cool. Yield.

May 5, 2006. ON DRIVING Another petty driving accomplishment today. Drove a manual-gear car around Sta. Maria by myself. Yes, my first time to drive alone. It felt really relaxing, driving around the countryside. Which was not the case when I drove the car back to Quezon City tonight. That was actually another first–driving a manual-gear at night–and from Bulacan at that. It was stressful with traffic at EDSA and Commonwealth, having to deal with ill-disciplined drivers who cut through my lane all the time and more. But all’s well. Got home with no scratches whatsoever. My mom told me I could start taking the car to school starting first sem but warned me that I am not allowed to drive anywhere else. Wuh. I’d rather not bring the car if I won’t be able to use it to join my friends in after-school stuff then. Commuting and hitching has been my life the past two years anyway.

BABY TISAY Bikoy and TisayI missed this. Babysitting. Babies are adorable, even when they’re crying. They’re such a joy to play with. Spending time with babies is a stress-reliever for me. Wohoo, lots of baby-lovin’.

SOCIAL RELEVANCE I’m missing my own socially-relevant blog entries.

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