Masarap tulad ng…

May 23, 2006. I was able to ask my mom to permit me not to go to Bulacan anymore for the next few days before the first semester begins.

I went to UP yesterday to bring some old clothes and contribute to the FOPC (Freshmen Orientation Program Committee) effort of my two orgs, UP CAST and UP MCO. I spent hours with my orgmates in front of Vinzons waiting for our turns to be able to submit our rummages for FOPC points. I missed that. Just bumming around with my college friends.

FOPC for me was actually more lively and competitive last year. Particularly in UP CAST when we were really determined to earn higher points than UP Cineastes’ so we could bid for the lone film freshmen block. Our efforts actually paid off because we finished off with almost 2,000 points ahead. But then, for some reason, another Mass Comm org bid for the freshmen film block before we had the chance to. Haha.

This year doesn’t feel as competitive. Well, I actually can’t be too sure since I haven’t been around to help much in my orgs. For one thing, I wish we finally get to facilitate the blocks we intend to bid for.

While we were lazing around in front of Vinzons, a group of kids from KNN approached us and got us for some interviews. Their segment revolved around the question, “Dapat bang ipagbawal ang bubble gum (tulad ng sa Singapore)?” I forget what I said, I’m not so sure if that will deserve some air time.

Anyway, after hours of waiting, UP CAST was finally called in to weigh in our rummages by almost 3 PM. Shortly after, UP MCO was called in.

My MCO friends and I went to Gateway to watch The Da Vinci Code afterwards. Days after opening, and the lines at the box office were still very long. Imagine the frustration when we got at the counter and we were asked for ID’s, which we didn’t have at that time. We couldn’t watch The Da Vinci Code because we couldn’t prove we were 18! I actually wasn’t as frustrated as the rest of my friends, but still, that was pretty annoying. I proposed that we walk to to Alimall, where the cinemas were also showing the movie. Fortunately for us, there were no lines, and the box office sold us tickets without asking for ID’s. They even didn’t mind checking our bags and they didn’t even bother that I had a camera dangling with me. How’s that for being lenient. That was, by the way, everyone’s first time at Alimall’s cinema.

After the movie, we trooped to a pizza restaurant for dinner.

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