Mutual (mis)understandings

May 18, 2006. I get really annoyed (as a driver) when an approaching vehicle has its bright fog lights turned on. The right thing to do is to squint a little and stay focused on your way, look a little to the right to avoid looking directly at the bright lights. But I don’t do that. I have a bad habit of turning my fog lights on too to get back at the driver of the approaching car.

Anyway, this week will hopefully be the last week I’m going to have to accompany my mom to our grocery in Bulacan. I’ve been spending almost all my summer vacation days there and it has gotten really boring. I just sit there and do practically nothing. No computer, no internet, and what’s the point of cleaning the shelves or cashier-ing if she already has people to do those. Aside from the occasional helping hand that I can offer, all I can do there is sleep or drive around town, and she gets annoyed when I do those. My mom does not want me to stay at home (where at least I can sit in front of the computer, do stuff more productive than doing nothing) because I think she expects that summer time is a time where I can stop being a university student that I am, or stop being a friend to all my college friends, and simply become her possession/slave–which shouldn’t be the case.

Last Monday, I asked her if I could miss the Bulacan routine and she allowed me to, fortunately. I recognize that my mom tries to understand me too. I told her I would have to attend a League of College Councils meeting. Which is true, but I actually spent most of Monday catching up with my college friends.

I had lunch with Tope and Kid. I missed them both. They also accompanied me to my errands (which was one of the conditions my mom set for her to allow me to miss Bulacan). Went to Cello’s to buy donuts for someone, then to National Bookstore to look at some books. I bumped into Kenji in National. We were close friends back in elementary, but we lost touch after grade school even though we both went to Ateneo High. He stayed in Ateneo for college. We chatted for a while until I had to leave to go back to UP.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at Vinzons Hall rooftop, where FOPC “tambay” was. Spent some time with my MCO orgmates too. I missed them. I was actually hopping back and forth from the CAST tambayan and the MCO tambayan every half-hour or so. Monday was the last tambay day, and if I’m not mistaken, MCO has the highest number of tambay points among the Mass Comm orgs. Though, I regret that I’m not a very big, if at all, part of that feat.

This is how the rooftop hall looks like with all the orgs doing their tambay. I assume this is not even close to how crowded it got the past days. At 5 in the afternoon, Ayeen and I attended the League of College Councils meeting also in Vinzons, as representatives from the Mass Comm council. The meeting ended at around 7 PM.

We stayed at the Vinzons lobby for a while, she accompanied me while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up. We ate the donuts I bought earlier. Later that night, I met with Stan to give him a CD which he needed. Ended the day with a sad phone conversation.

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