Nagsisimula sa singkwenta

May 24, 2006. The former University Student Council, with the help of organizations and local student councils, fought and rallied at BOR meets for the late registration fee to be scrapped. Their efforts have paid off. For three consecutive semesters, it did not see its way through our Form 5’s. But, it may soon be on our Form 5’s again.

The Board of Regents will again convene on May 25, and decide on the implementation of the late registration fee. In this light, the College of Mass Communication Student Council (CMC-SC) joins the USC, local SCs and student orgs in their call for the permanent removal of the late registration fee.

CMC-SC believes that a 50-peso punishment is not the answer to stop late enrollees. We do see the importance of inculcating punctuality in students, but we believe this can be done in ways other than collecting a late reg fee. Also, tardiness is not the only reason for late registration. Many iskolars ng bayan still have to generate funds to pay for their tuition fees. Others need to wait to get in required classes. Nobody wants to undergo these kinds of circumstances. So, we see no need to burden them with a fee that could only intensify their problems.

The student council believes that transparency and accountability are essential(s) in any organization. And, the university is no exception. Until now, iskolars ng bayan have not heard a clear explanation on the purpose of the collected late reg fees. CMC-SC believes that a clear and concise explanation on where this fee goes should be properly formulated and disseminated before its implementation.

CMC-SC respects the move of UP administration to generate its own fund because of the meager subsidy it receives from the government. But to diminish the accessibility and affordability of UP education in pursuit of additional funding is unacceptable. And, CMC-SC sees this unexplained fee an inconvenience for many iskolars ng bayan. CMC- SC calls on iskolars ng bayan to move now and stop the late reg fee from becoming a burden to us again.

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