Blue but not

June 7, 2006. Wasn’t able to take pictures today. I spent the entire day manning the student council booth collecting 20 pesos from everyone for the student fund. My other councilmates were either on registration assistant duties or had to be out scouting and scavenging for slots to complete their required number of units this semester, so I was often left by myself at the booth (unable to have the chance to take any photo for today). Fortunately for me, I got all my required subjects this semester with the computer registration system so I don’t have to go through all the hell of manual enlistment shit, unlike a few semesters ago–which is why I can afford to just stay at our booth.

My heart goes out to all my fellow UP students who still have to go through manual enlistment and all the queues, building and college hopping and screaming and crying (?) that comes with it.

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