Look, everyone’s checking

June 18, 2006. I’ve been allowed to take the car, for the first time, to school last Thursday and Friday. But as a concession, I was asked to wash it beforehand. Good enough a deal. I’m not allowed to use the car every day though, as my mother also uses it to go to Bulacan. Everything’s fine with me. Commuting and walking have become second nature to me anyway.

Last Thursday, I went to school before my 1PM class and did a round of errands, mostly for the upcoming Mass Comm freshmen week. After skipping lunch, I went to Film 106 class, which was National Cinemas (Hong Kong & China), and for that we have a German professor. Here’s to a semester filled with martial arts flicks. I’m not complaining though.

After class, I attended UP MCO’s first regular general assembly held at the steps of Ishmael Bernal Gallery. It lasted for a little more than an hour, but I didn’t stay for the entire duration as I had to run to Palma Hall and put up posters for our freshmen week. I haven’t been to AS in a while, and I won’t be able to be there often this semester because I don’t have a class there anymore. I’ll miss that. Though, AS was deserted the time I was there, since it was around 6PM already.

Last Friday, we were supposed to have Film 115 (Digital Photography) class in the morning but the professor didn’t show up. Ended up just hanging around with some blockmates below the skywalk first before running to UP Village to have streamers printed for the freshmen week.

After lunch, I went to my Film 113 (Film Production 1) class. The professor briefed us on the course, then went on to review us on various photographic and technical terms. It made me feel a little dumb but I appreciate that certain brush-up on the basic technicals in film language and cinematography.

LCC Acquaintance Party

That night, together with my councilmates in the Mass Comm student council, we went to the League of College Councils Acquaintance Party at the School of Economics. We made fun of ourselves by dancing Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso by Donna Cruz, as our council’s presentation. Didn’t really got acquainted with a lot of other colleges’ student council people, it rather just made me familiar with everyone’s faces. The event ended past nine in the evening.

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