Looking forward to going back

June 2, 2006. It’s just a little more than a week before school. I’m looking forward to being in UP again (as if I haven’t been there the past days).

Updates. My film org, UP CAST (Cinema Arts Society), failed to win the bid for the film freshmen block for the second year in a row despite gaining the highest number of FOPC (Freshmen Orientation Program Committee) points among the film orgs. The first time was really frustrating, what more a second time. I feel bad for the org, especially for those who worked hard this year. Well, there isn’t any feeling of contempt against any other org this year (unlike the last), but still, it can get really frustrating that after all the efforts and expectations, we don’t get the privilege we deserve, of facilitating the film block, just because of some technicalities.

My other Mass Comm org on the other hand, UP MCO (Mass Communicators Organization), got the two Mass Comm freshmen blocks it was planning to bid for. I just read an email from our chairperson and I’m really looking forward to the things that’s in store for us this coming semester.

I’ve also been doing student council work. We’re approaching crunch time in preparation for the Mass Comm freshmen week. I’m in charge of publicity and I’ve just done the layout of the event posters and streamers. I’ve also just bought a domain name and a webhost package for a Mass Comm student portal and I’m trying to fix it up now. I’ve also been doing the layout of council propaganda, with our contact details and faces in them. It can personally feel kind of awkward, as traditional politicians do the same. Some people might not sit well with the idea and might accuse us of self-service. But I believe it’s part of our job to be more visible/recognizable and reachable to our constituents.

I can barely wait to see everyone again in school. My schedule this coming semester appears really loose. One three-hour class a day, from Monday to Thursday, which means I either have the entire morning or the entire afternoon off from school.

If there’s one thing I lament, though, with the coming semester, it’s that all my classes are already in Mass Comm–which means, I don’t have classes in AS (Palma Hall) anymore.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-11:30 Film 121 Film 115
1:00-4:00 BC 100 Comm Res 101 Film 106 Film 113

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