People my age

June 13, 2006. My two organizations handled three blocks of freshmen after their Welcome Assembly at the University Theater. UP MCO facilitated K3 and K6, a Communication Research block and a Journalism block respectively. I was surprised how many freshmen there were in these two blocks. Almost 60 all in all. But all went well, despite how Cine Adarna became crowded and despite the short downpour. I stuck mainly with facilitating the Comm Res block, tough I did hop around my orgs’ other facilitated blocks.

UP CAST facilitated H5, a Visual Communication block (a non-Mass Comm block), like last year.

After the afternoon block handling activities, I went off to Mass Comm to attend my first class for the semester, Communication Research 101. Lots of familiar faces in class, which is comforting. The usual first day introductions transpired, then we were dismissed off.

I hitched a ride with Eka to the Shopping Center to do some errands for the Student Council. I ended up leaving my cell phone in her car which left me “impaired” the rest of the day till morning the next day (today). I felt so lost without a cell phone, even for just less than 24 hours.

I also did some errands for my mom. I went to Katipunan to pay her bills, among other things.

After doing them, I went back to Mass Comm to attend a Mass Comm freshmen assembly. On my way there, I bumped into Tope, Joma and Erika B., who were on their way to Chocolate Kiss. I ended up rewarding myself with a slice of cheesecake for all the walking I did.

Anyway, that afternoon, we convened the freshmen of Mass Comm to publicize our events for them and for them to form their freshmen council, a mini-student council of freshmen. It feels good to give the freshmen an opportunity to be more involved in Mass Comm affairs early in their college life, because they usually don’t get to since most of their subjects are still in AS.

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