Sisig, lengua at baka

June 9, 2006. I was walking in Balara with Athena, Mich and Stan, carrying my camera on my shoulder, when we came across a group of kids who were smiling at me. That felt weird at first. I was wondering if there was something with our appearance that looked funny until I realized that the kids were smiling because they were expecting me to take their picture. I didn’t want their smiles to go to waste so I took their photo anyway.

Sayang ang mga ngiti ninyo

Athena, Mich, Stan and I went to Balara to go to Mang Jimmy’s, one of the more known eating places around the university, to talk to Mang Jimmy himself for a food sponsorship proposal for our event for Mass Comm freshmen. Stan with Mang JimmyI’ve eaten at Mang Jimmy’s numerous times already, but I’ve never really seen the Mang Jimmy.

Yesterday, we actually did. (That’s him with Stan in the picture). He even offered us drinks while we were talking with him. He also agreed to give us free food during our event. But that’s not all. After speaking with Mang Jimmy, we found it imperative to eat lunch at the place out of gratitude. So we ordered our viands and our unlimited rice, and stuffed ourselves with good food.

After eating, we asked for our bill but the attendant refused to give us one. She told us that our lunch was free! We were surprised, and really ashamed at the same time. We intentionally ate there to patronize the place (and pay our food!) out of gratitude to our successful deal with Mang Jimmy. We ended up having a free hearty lunch.

To go to Mang Jimmy’s, take the road in between Vinzons and Narra Residence Hall out of the university. Go straight into the Balara water district and then turn left at the small rotonda. Go straight ahead that road and you’ll see Mang Jimmy’s Take-Out Grill at the right. There’s my free plugging!

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