The enemy is…

June 18, 2006. Cheers to Karl for a great first issue of The Philippine Collegian this academic year. I especially liked the editorial where it asserted on what it will stand for for the rest of the year:

The true journalist, clearly, is now deemed an “enemy of the state.” And rightly so, for in the context of a regime brazenly maintained by a widening spectrum of intensified violence, the only option is to resist. These turbulent times expose the limitations of writing–the kind that proclaims to be “pluralist” and “non-partisan.” For pluralism is impossible in a society wracked by economic inequality and political domination, conditions that make it downright unjust to wield a “neutral” pen, which ultimately sustains the status quo.

[…] The path of defiance is paved with the blood of fellow journalists and activists who did not compromise even in the face of death. It is the path of those who articulated the discourse of the marginalized: the workers, peasants, women, students and national minorities. It is the path of those who stood firm in their advocacy but did not live to see the fruit of their cause. Their deaths will not be in vain. If being an “enemy of the state” means taking a stand for the marginalized and demanding what is just, then this Collegian shall indeed be an adversary.

I’ve always believed media institutions should carry and declare their interests and their bias towards an ideology (there’s nothing wrong with that, for me) instead of pretending to be full-proof objective and neutral.

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