Today was green

June 6, 2006. First day of enrollment is always reserved for the semester’s graduating students. So there weren’t many students crowding around the lobby of Mass Comm today.

Tomorrow is going to be a different story. The student council has a booth there for the entire enrollment period to collect the student fund fees and also interact with our collegemates since these days are one of the only chances we have of meeting them all face by face.

I also accompanied Marella in trying to process permits for one of our student council activities in AS. We went to the university’s Business Concessions Office. Our first time to set foot in that part of the university! Had a good time pestering Marella too by my consistently taking snapshots without her consent. Hahampasin na nga niya ‘ko ng bag niya. Haha. 😉

Spent the entire day with my councilmates. What a coincidence, everyone’s wearing green. Nah, it was planned.  By the way, CMC peeps, register na kayo sa online tambayan!

makitambay na sa!

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