Tuition increases and military surveillance

Some campus issues at hand, or I’ve come across recently. A proposal by an Ad Hoc committee formed by UP Pres. E. Roman to increase UP’s tuition fees from P 300 to P 1,000 per unit in UP Diliman, UP Manila, and UP Los Baños and from 200 to 600 for UP Baguio, UP Visayas, UP Pampanga, and UP Mindanao, has been submitted to the Board of Regents (for approval?). The Board of Regents are to meet tomorrow in UP Los Baños.

Also, it has been found that more than a quarter of the Special Service Brigade, civilian men hired by the university as an additional security force (those guys wearing reflectorized orange vests with yantok sticks roaming around the Academic Oval day ang night), are actually marines and army personnel in disguise. Tsk, tsk.

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