Are we still seeking the same thing?

July 11, 2006. I used to misconstrue the idea of “separation of church and state” as something very literal. I used to believe that the church should not meddle in politics or even talk about it. But I’ve come to realize that the clergy, in the same way as fisherfolk, farmers, students, and professionals are sectors of and are members of our society. They also have a stake in whatever decisions our government makes. I believe, as individual citizens or as an institution, they should be accorded the same rights to voice out their opinions in various socio-political issues.

Yesterday, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) released a statement saying that they are not inclined to support an impeachment case against President Gloria Arroyo. However, they also said that they are still searching for the truth.

I am disappointed that the CBCP has taken a safe stand for the second time. If our Catholic bishops are “undoubtedly for the search of truth” but are not in favor of an impeachment proceeding, which is the only way we can find out the truth, and the last constitutional solution to the crisis, what do they suggest we do? Take the administration’s line of self-inducing national amnesia?

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