But I have crossed the border

July 4, 2006. Atty. Avecilla is notorious for coming to class hours late. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, university rules don’t apply when it’s his class. Students still have to wait for him because late as he comes, he still comes to class and marks anyone who isn’t in class absent.

For the past weeks, he’s been coming to our class two hours late (our class is a three-hour one). This afternoon, after waiting for two hours, we were told by the Broad Comm department secretary that he called up to say he wasn’t coming for class. Great!

I wasn’t feeling well this afternoon, so I went to drive around UP to de-stress. I know, it’s such a waste of gas, but I offset the expense with my savings on other expenses anyway, so allow me this luxury.

After a while, I saw Con and Patty walking towards Vinzons while driving. I decided to chauffer them in their org errands, since we’re all in one organization anyway.

I attended a student council meeting this afternoon too. Then I went to a UP CAST general assembly where we discussed an upcoming short film production. Then I went off with Con, Kim, Christer and Patty to Ever Gotesco. It’s been ages since I’ve been there, even though it’s the nearest mall from our place. Right now, I’m just nursing a bad headache. The day in pictures are here.

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