For the love of Chinese food too

Light Rail Transit, Manila

July 23, 2006. Last Sunday, after watching the UP-Ateneo basketball game at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, I took the LRT to U.N. Avenue after my mom SMSed me that my grandfather was rushed to Manila Medical Center all the way from Cavite.

Just the previous day, we had the usual extended family lunch at Emerald Garden Restaurant along Roxas Blvd. We’ve been spending the extended family lunch at the said restaurant for almost a decade now. It has become a tradition. I’m honestly very close to getting tired of going there, not aided by the fact that the elders order pretty much the same things over and over again all these years.

The past years, every time I had a good excuse not to come along, I’d use it. That’s not saying that I don’t like it there. I love Chinese food. It’s just that the tradition has become monotonous, and engaging in the elders-talk was never really my thing.

Anyway, I decided to come along last week because I somewhat felt that the tradition’s days are numbered. The only reason we have extended family lunches is because of my grandfather, and it is due to his preference that we’ve been going to Emerald all these years whenever he has his medical check-ups in Manila. My gradfather’s health is continuously deteriorating. I’m not keen on how long we can all hold on to things. If my schedule permits me, I’ll be at the next family lunch, or the next, and the next. And I’ll be thankful.

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