Guys, avoid Professor R

UP MCO General AssemblyJuly 13, 2006. It’s been raining really hard the past days. Last Tuesday, because it was raining at the college’s parking lot, UP MCO (UP Mass Communicators Organization) decided to hold its general assembly (GA) at the main building’s second floor lobby. Sadly, because we are short on funds, we decided to postpone our anniversary week for another week.

After the GA, I rushed off to Vinzons Hall to attend the General Assembly of Gender Advocates (GAGA) meeting of the University Student Council. After talking about the Subic rape case, people started sharing stories about various sexual harrassment issues in campus. I wasn’t planning or keen on sharing it, but the ball got rolling, so I narrated my experience and shared my friends’ experiences with a notorious professor from the university’s Filipino department. I was encouraged to file a case together with other people I can find who’ve had similar or worse experiences. Nothing serious, the professor simply enjoyed hanging out at the male restrooms all the time, and made odd comments about us guys’ appearances and body parts.

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