Guys should pay less for Metro train rides

Joma inside a crowded LRT 1 coach, Manila [That’s Joma inside a crowded coach of LRT 1 in Manila. We were on our way back to U.P. from attending the Cinemalaya 2006 Film Congress at the Cultural Center of the Philippines] I don’t usually ride the MRT and LRT since I live just a jeepney ride away from the University. Last week though, I commuted almost everyday on both. I wouldn’t usually have any problem with women having their own exclusive coach. It’s true that they are susceptible to sexual harrassment in a crowded train. But it doesn’t feel right whenever everyone else gets really cramped up inside the other coaches and other commuters can’t get into the train anymore, while the female-exclusive first car is half empty while there is considerable space for commuters left in the first coach.

Hell, everyone pays for the same fare, I don’t see why the ladies should have an added privilege over everyone else. It rests on the assumption that only women get harrassed inside crowded trains–which is absolutely untrue!! The MRT and LRT should charge women more for their added comfort. Or better yet, charge the guys less for the inconvenience we are forced to bear.

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