Never a private, personal art

Cinemalaya 2006 at the Cultural Center of the PhilippinesJuly 24, 2006. Aside from watching the gala premiere of Donsol last Wednesday night, I also attended the first day of the 2nd Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival’s Film Congress last Thursday. I went there with my orgmates from UP MCO.

Cinemalaya 2006 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines with college friends

Much was talked about the potentials of independent digital filmmaking. Can filmmaking really be independent? Filmmaking is a public art. You make films for other people to see. It can’t really be a totally “I will make movies regardless of what other people say” kind of thing because filmmaking, I believe, will always rely on audiences to thrive, it will always rely on funds to be produced, it will always rely on team effort of a crew. You can’t make films by yourself for yourself. The discussion about a truly independent, no-holds-barred filmmaking for me is an irrelevant discussion. This is simply about the decentralization of filmmaking in the Philippines from the traditional cliques of producers and directors to newer batches of filmmakers. It will still always rely on a lot of other factors, a lot of are beyond the control of any filmmaker.

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