Opportunity to veer

July 1, 2006. My blog updates have started to become sparse and infrequent since school started, which isn’t supposed to be the case since academic load at the beginning of the semester shouldn’t be that heavy. But since I also have extra-curricular activities in school, like org work and student council, there goes my free time. I only have one three-hour class a day from Monday to Thursday and two three-hour classes on Fridays. Let’s run quickly through my subjects.

Broadcast Communication 100. My class is the one under supposedly one of the most notorious terror professors in the university, Atty. Avecilla. If you’re a Mass Comm student and you haven’t heard of him, where have you been? I’ve heard of him since I was a freshman–how harshly he throws insults, how strict he is when it comes to grammar and the use of Filipino and English, how he comes to class hours late and dismisses classes up to 11 PM during final exams, among other stories.

I consciously enrolled in this class, well, because I wanted to take up the challenge. So far, it’s been all right. I can handle it. I was supposed to do an oral report last Monday and honestly, I was really apprehensive the entire morning before that afternoon class. But since he preyed on the first reporter till dismissal time, I wasn’t able to do my report. Hence my apprehensions are prolonged.

Communication Research 101. I have this class every Tuesday afternoons. As the course title implies, this class is supposed to introduce and teach us how to conduct research for various communication / media-related problems. Hello focus group discussions and field work!

Film 121 (Scriptwriting I). Hello scripwriting. That’s all. This class is held every Wednesday morning.

Film 106 (National Cinema – Hong Kong). This Hong Kong Cinema class is taught by a visiting professor from Germany. Regardless of his nationality, he appears to know what he’s talking about. For me, it is interesting how successful a small territory with a relatively small population (as compared to the Philippines) is with its film and entertainment industry, which is even widely recognized and patronized worldwide. (While the Philippines, whose culture and history is richer, and with a supposedly bigger national film audience, is “dying”).

Film 115 (Conceptual Photography). Every Friday mornings. I love this class. It has started to make me look at photography at a much broader and richer perspective, and it makes me appreciate photography beyond the technicals. This class makes me grateful I took Art Studies 2 last semester.

Film 113 (Film Production I). Every Friday afternoons. So far, our instructor in this class has been very technical about filmmaking. And I appreciate that, since almost all my past film subjects have delved mainly on the historical, conceptual and artistic topics, which left me a little ignorant on many technical aspects. Our final output for this class is supposed to be a short film shot on celluloid film itself. I’m excited.

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