Smelly cat

July 16, 2006. Classes were suspended in most of the country last Thursday because of typhoon Florita. The initial announcement was that classes would be suspended until Friday–which was why, despite the bad weather, I asked my orgmates if they wanted to watch a movie in the cinema since the assumption was that there were no classes the next day. I skipped all my homeworks and went off with my friends to SM North to watch Pirates of the Carribean.

During the middle of the film, I received text messages from other friends telling me that it had just been announced that classes would resume the next day. Right after the movie, I rushed off to have prints of some of my digital photos developed, aside from running a few other errands. I also had to go home earlier than my friends to accomplish more stuff for the next day. That was a bummer.

The prints I had developed were for my Conceptual Photography class the next day. I’m starting to appreciate photography more because of this class–more than its traditional aesthetics and confines. There are time I start feeling like I’m not artsy enough or my concepts aren’t “weird” enough. I haven’t had enough artistic inspiration lately.

For last Friday afternoon’s Film Production I class, we just had a small film language workshop to re-familiarize ourselves with, what else, a whole bunch of technical terms and to re-orient ourselves with what it feels like to do productions again, since it’s been a semester (for most of us in class) since our last production class.

While walking outside the Ishmael Bernal gallery, I came across a corpse of a cat. It doesn’t appear to have been run over a vehicle since the body appears to be in-tact, except for the eyes whose balls have come out from the sockets. The poor thing was probably one of Florita’s casualties.

I spent the rest of my Friday night at Green Papaya in Teachers Village for an art circle discussion with Sir Jason Banal, our Film 115 teacher. Nosebleed! I’m really not into all these elite art circle things.

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