Stills lying around

old school Pinoy entertainment tabloids

July 2, 2006. Our Film 113 instructor took some days off to watch the World Cup in Germany, but he left us with a viewing assignment last Friday, Citizen Kane. I have seen it already though, and we have discussed the film in Film 100 class back in freshman year, so it was nothing new. Since there was no instructor, some of my classmates (who have seen the film before too) left class after signing the attendance sheet. I would have done the same but I was too lazy to do anything else and I wanted to stay in the airconditioned videotheque. I took a nap instead.

After waking up from the short nap in the middle of the film, I decided to warm up outside the room. I went to the place behind videotheque, which served as a storage area for tons of documents. I often pass by there but I never really got interested as to what the documents were. I went through them last Friday and it turns out that they are files about different Filipino movies. It was an entire archive of scripts, movie posters and thousands of photo stills of Filipino movies. There were also stashes of old magazines and books. The thing is, those things are just lying around there, like some forgotten garbage. If I was a memorabilia collector, I would’ve just taken my picks of old photo stills or old showbiz magazines I desired. There were also photo stills of those old bomba films.

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