Alagwa first day shoot

I spent almost the entire day last Saturday at Prech and Pie’s short film shoot at Joma’s place in Cubao.

The shoot started right after lunch time and wrapped up by almost 5 AM the next day. The non-insomniac and sleepyhead that I am, I wasn’t able to make myself stay up the entire duration, even though our directors asked us not to sleep during their shoot. Yes, I’m sorry Prech, I dozed off for a few minutes that night.

The shoot was hours behind schedule, which is normal, I suppose. I’ve never experienced a shoot that went perfectly on time. The entire film is shot on 16mm film. So this was a pretty disciplined shoot with lots of rehearsals. It’s a film about dancer sisters. I’ve listened to part of the score and I liked it. I’m looking forward to how this will come out.

To pass time, and to the annoyance of some crew members and the directors, Sasha, Kid, Patti and I conversed by singing everything we had to say. It got pretty hilarious. That night, I also kept making myself root beer float with Sarsi and vanilla ice cream, sometimes ice cream and coffee, in hopes of giving myself sugar rush. That was really good. But it didn’t give me the rush to stay up all night and morning.

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