All to be forgotten

August 8, 2006. Mama went to Cagayan de Oro last Sunday, so she asked me to ‘take care’ of our grocery store in Bulacan while she’s gone. It was the first time I drove all by myself to Bulacan from our Quezon City home. Once I got past through the tollgates of North Luzon Expressway, I rolled down all the side windows, turned the radio off and sped through the highway. With the radio turned off, I actually had time to think and relax (Yes, I find leisure driving relaxing).

One of the thoughts that ran through my head while driving was, “What if I meet an accident and, God forbid, die?” Morbid, I know, but I have actually thought about it a few times before, some of those times it even lead me to tears, thinking about the people I’m going to leave. There were many scenarios that I imagined.

But for the purpose of this blog, let me share with you what I thought about my blog. Yes, I actually thought about my blog while thinking of death scenarios. What will become of my blog? How will people know that I’m not alive anymore? Will the blog remain stagnant and eventually expire (as there will be no one to renew my account)? What happens to a blog when a blogger dies all of a sudden? Will the blog remain a temporary morbid reminder of more pleasant times? Have there been such instances?

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