Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo

Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo is a movie about seven individuals with different yet interconnected struggles. From the film’s official synopsis:

Domeng is involved in networking or multi-level marketing business and plans to encourage his estranged daughter Luna to join in this unscrupulous business. Luna is abandoned by her husband and son so she asks help from her mother Aling Tess. Aling Tess is a land lady who lives alone and fancies a young male boarder named Kulas. Kulas is a grocery store employee who aspires to become a store manager to impress Julie. Julie is a laundry shop attendant who is obsessed with a male costumer named Brian. Brian is a nurse in a local hospital who wants to work abroad so he persuades his girlfriend Sally to provide for his “fixer” fees. An accounting graduate who failed to pass the board exam for two consecutive years, Sally enters Domeng‘s networking business in the hopes of proving her worth. When she found out that networking is a scam Sally plans to take revenge on Domeng.

I heard another person within my hearing distance remark (while the film was screening), “Ang agonizing naman ng film na ‘to.” At first I was tempted to agree. The film does not really follow the traditional three-act structure and it would initially feel like the film was dragging in a static narrative for more than an hour. One will eventually appreciate the entire film once it makes its full circle of defining how everything everyone is interconnected.

So, yes, it was sort of agonizing, (also because of the excessive long takes and dialogues), in a satisfying kind of way. It’s a profound film which tries to remind us that everything we do and don’t affect other people and eventually affect us back, and with this realization that we are interconnected with each other, it is important that we see the things that we do as a struggle shared with other people. “Siguro dapat isipin na iisa lamang tayo… Kapag sinaktan ang iba, dapat isiping sarili din ang sinasaktan.”

Click here for more photo stills from the film’s shoot. Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo was written and directed by Nick Olanka, a UP Film Institute graduate. Some of my orgmates from UP Cinema Arts Society were also part of this production.

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