Distrustful people

August 29, 2006. Last week, my mom was snatched of her wallet inside a wholesale supermarket. A day’s worth of sales in our grocery was in it, including all her credit cards. I feel terrible about it. She would often ask me to accompany her, but since my academic and extra-curricular commitments often disallow me to, I am not able to. Perhaps if I was with her that day, this thing wouldn’t have happened. I feel guilty for always being busy and tired from school stuff.

Speaking of school stuff and disbelief in people, last week I went to Barangay Talon Tres in Las Piñas, with Ryan O., to conduct a data gathering survey as a requirement for Communication Research 101 class.

It’s actually odd that I was sent to Las Piñas. Weeks before, we were asked to write down our addresses so that they could assign us to locations that were near our homes. For a Quezon City boy, Las Piñas isn’t actually near, is it?!

Anyway, I rushed off to Las Piñas the afternoon of Saturday (straight from Alagwa’s second shoot). We got to Talon Tres and boy, the street we got in had its fair share of unfriendly people. Hello, it’s not as if I’m collecting signatures for Sigaw ng Bayan’s fraudulent People’s Initiative!

I hate Gloria Arroyo as much as all of you! There was no need to be rude in refusing to be surveyed. It didn’t help that it kept raining that afternoon. Ryan and I weren’t able to finish our surveying before night fell on Saturday so we decided to go allt he way back the next day, this time on another neighborhood within the same baranggay which seemed and proved to be a little friendlier. The acceptance rate was still a low one-per-three households asked. We finished gathering ten respondents each a little after lunch time.

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