Guimaras oil spill

Most of us in the Philippines have probably heard of the Guimaras oil spill from the news. For a small island whose people’s livelihood relies much on the sea, this catastrophe is really devastating. And it will get worse. Much of the 2 MILLION liters of oil still lie within the sunken ship.

I was searching and bloghopping for news and other information on how to help, and I came across Project Sunshine Sunrise. The website appears to have been set up by the provincial government of Guimaras to disseminate information regarding the disaster and how people can help.

Unfortunately (for a student like me), much of the help they need apparently consist of financial donations and logistical help. So, what to do? Talk about it and blog about it. The more people know, the less it will be sidelined. I also read somewhere that a hair salon chain would be donating hair to the clean-up effort.

Yes, I’ve heard of this before, human hair being effective material for oil slick absorption. Well, I think it’s time for me to get a haircut. This, aside from boycotting Petron to give them a lesson for murdering the livelihood of our Guimaras folk.

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