Keep me awake

August 16, 2006. Being an active member in two organizations, being Film Department Representative and Publicity Head of the Student Council, having all the academic loads and short film productions, plus having all my commitments to my family and friends can really put on the stress on me.

The bad thing is I can’t help but sleep a lot. It doesn’t help that I get headaches often when I’m not sleeping. All of which lessen my productive time. I feel like I don’t give enough time to fulfill all my responsibilities anymore.

What makes me feel worse is that because I always have to divide my time and attention to these reponsibilities as equally as I can, I tend not to be able to focus on doing just one thing, thereby making most of my outputs mediocre.

This morning, I missed my Scriptwriting class because I overslept. I was supposed to attend a similar class in the afternoon with the same professor, just to make up–but I slept again. I woke up just in time to be able to go to school and attend some activities of my two organizations. I know this might be just a matter of time management. But I really think I sleep too much. Sleeping has become a hassle for me.

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