Nawala, hindi mapalitan, hindi makalimutan

August 9, 2006. Last Tuesday, I went to watch Tulad ng Dati at Cine Adarna with some blockmates. After the movie, I hitched a ride home with Patty. But before we could get out of UP, the car got stuck on half a foot of mud at the parking lot. Tips, who also hitched a ride, and I, went down and spent a few minutes pushing the car off from the mud. To compensate for all the pushing and mud splatters on our clothes, Patty insisted that we allow her to treat us to Jollibee. After a few customary refusals, I eventually obliged and indulged on Jollibee. Tips refused because he had to go home. Thanks Patty!

Today I wore my button-down Chinese shirt for the first time this semester. I like wearing it, but I don’t want to wear it that often. I’m not that Chinese anyway.

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