The movie bound to be the highest grossing Filipino movie this year to date, was actually enjoyable. As a horror movie, it was engaging and scary. Engaging because it draws you to decipher clues and strange happenings while the main characters also try to search for answers to their life’s misfortunes. And, of course, I liked it because it was actually scary. The use of scare tactics, though not very original if seen among Asian horror films, was effective.

I also liked how the plot was developed as two seemingly unrelated stories which eventually merged towards the end. Sukob, true to its namesake, is based on the Filipino superstition that misfortune will come to a married couple and their family if the wedding is held within months of another family member’s death OR if the wedding is held within the year of another sibling’s wedding. The superstition is ridiculous, but we can all suspend disbelief for a moment for this movie. The movie handled the concept well. You might actually start believing in the sukob superstition after watching the film.

Despite a few (forgivable) setbacks, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I enjoy watching horror suspense films and I enjoyed this one.

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