Umaaraw, Umuulan

Umaaraw, Umuulan is a relatively short feature-length digital film about a young director (played by Ryan Agoncillo) whose script gets rejected by producers and to make things worse, finds his girlfriend cheating on him on their anniversary, right before he planned to propose marriage. He goes into depression until he meets his dream girl. Before watching the movie yesterday, I read reviews online and was unavoidably spoiled. (I won’t do that here. My synopsis is as vague and neutral as it can get).

Once you know what the whole problem is, the entire movie would feel like a drag. Thankfully, as I’ve said, it was a relatively short feature-length film. It only ran for more or less an hour and a half.

This is not your conventional love story movie though, at least when viewed among typical Filipino romance movies, which makes this movie a breath of fresh air. There were a lot of cameo roles in the movie from actors and actresses, most of whom we haven’t seen much of in the past years. Judy Ann Santos, the lead actor’s real-life girl friend, also has a cameo appearance towards the end, and when looked at that context, their encounter can be really cheesy and hilarious. The comic attempt on the other hand, especially by the Ryan Agoncillo’s supporting characters, were really in bad taste and it annoyed me.

Umaaraw, Umuulan is from Heaven’s Best Productions (of Harlene Bautista, Herbert Bautista and siblings) and was directed by Richard Arellano.

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