UP CAST, Sweet Sixteenth (III)

In pursuit of new enthusiasm for film, one member of another film organization decided to build another organization, with goals both for training and for interest in the medium. Originally called “Sprocket Shop”, with adviser Prof. Ellen Paglinauan, it was established on August 24, 1990, with 25 founding members, all undergrads from BA Film and Audiovisual Communication. The name was then changed a few semesters later, under the name UP Cinema Arts Society (UP CAST).

Based in the College of Mass Communication, UP CAST is composed of students who share a common enthusiasm for film and seeks to promote training in the field of film and video production. The organization aims to establish technical and financial resources for student filmmakers, helps encourage the development of a critical film audience, while fostering camaraderie among students who are dedicated to promote the growing consciousness of a truly Philippine Cinema.

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