Uso and cha-cha

There were no classes last Monday due to the anniversary of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination. I was planning on spending the day at home, resting and doing home work after a tiring shoot during the weekend. Instead, I was sent to Sta. Maria to bring some goods to our grocery store. I tried to get it done quickly so I could go home at once, but I got stuck in traffic for an hour from Bocaue exit to the Sta. Maria border.

On Tuesday, I went to Ely’s TV production class to be his talent for their live music video production. Sawang-sawa na siguro sila sa pagmumukha ko. I also saw Kubrador with some UP MCO orgmates after our weekly general assembly that afternoon.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful. We watched Masahista for scriptwriting class in the morning. I stayed in school for a while after class to do a few things and then I went home. I rarely get to go home before the sun is gone, so this is notable.

On Thursday, we held our college assembly for the semester. It’s a little disheartening that there is an apparent disinterest in these kind of affairs among fellow students. I’m not sure if it’s simply the lack of interest in attending a ‘boring’ assembly or the lack of interest in college matters as a whole. I really don’t know.

I went home after Hong Kong Cinema class but went back to UP after dinner to help out in Marella’s scene study. Most of the scenes were shot inside a hired jeepney continuously traversing Katipunan Avenue. That was fun. My blooper was hilarious. The group was shooting until past 10 in the evening.

This entry makes my week appear so simple and unstressful. I wish it were like that in reality. Oh well, bring it on!

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