What is stable?

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales has always been an ass with his comments. From the “she’s just a woman” remark against Susan Roces to his communist fingerpointing.

Now he made a passing comment where he said that the University of the Philippines breeds destabilizers and naked runners. I don’t want to validate this by reacting in length. His tirades are probably true in some length, and I’m proud of that. I just want to remind everyone that our debt of gratitude as UP students does not lie with fucked up policy makers like him in the administration. It lies with the Filipino people and the nation. And if destabilizing is what he calls being critical, vocal and active in pursuit of social reforms and justice, then destabilizers we are.

Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity is going to hold an impromptu Oblation Run this morning at Palma Hall. Plus, the truth caravan of the opposition with the boxes containing the evidence to be used had the impeachment against President Arroyo pushed through, will be at Quezon Hall this afternoon.

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