Free trade is not fair trade

I was channel surfing one afternoon when I came across a set of documentaries on IBC 13 hitting the World Trade Organization. I was a little surprised that such documentaries were airing on a government TV station, knowing how much of asskissers our policymakers are to foreign financial instutitions that force us to liberalize our economy.

You may watch the documentaries at Make Trade Fair. One of the documentaries is about the Philippines and how our rice farmers’ livelihood is being killed with the importation of cheap rice. If I may add, this is just one of the many examples of how free trade has been killing our local and/or infant industries and how it has kept many of our countrymen in poverty.

Here are some interactive animated diagrams that explain how unfair the current set-up is at the WTO. Once you’re convinced that we have unfair trade policies forced upon us by the rich countries, sign the online petition for fair trade. Also, please stop electing and supporting current politicians whose debt and loyalty apparently belong to foreign financial institutions than to our poor farmers. And don’t support a proposed Charter that will institutionalize these conditions!

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