Girls born the same day

September 16, 2006. 11:50 AM. I’m at the tambayan of UP Writer’s Club at CAL. We just finished shooting the OBB and VTR at the lagoon for Kacey’s live TV drama production on Thursday. My co-actor, Surot, is a member of UP WC. We’re supposed to be a Maranao couple and we were dressed accordingly. It’s pretty amusing, actually.

Speaking of my batchmates’ TV production final projects, Wap also got me for her group’s live comedy production on Wednesday. I’m with Max and Krystel on that one. I’m also playing roles in Ely and Christer’s final TV production. Is this a career?

September 17, 2006. 7:24 PM. I’m here in Puregold (some warehouse grocery) near our home running an errand for my mom. Ang tagal ng sales assistant kunin yung pinapakuha kong box of liquor.

I went to Joan’s birthday celebration last night at their Novaliches residence. Joan is a good friend from elementary school. Some of my elementary friends were there. It was very nice to see them again after a while.

I went with Mama today to Bulacan. We stayed at the grocery the entire day.

September 18, 2006. 1:51 PM. I’m in class right now. As usual, Mr. Avecilla isn’t around yet. He usually comes to class an hour to two hours late. He once said his being late is simply a function of his being what a government employee is–inefficient.

I rushed some council publicity materials this morning. Dropped by Ayeen’s boarding house to do something with her laptop. Went to the Shopping Center to have the posters printed, then to Vinzons to have them stamped and approved. The students’ affair office was closed when I got there so I just hung out at the lobby where the Philippine Collegian was about to hold a press conference.

I needed to go back to Mass Comm, though, for a rehearsal for Wap’s live TV sitcom on Wednesday. After that, I rushed to Cine Adarna with my Film 113 groupmates to speak with our lecturer for our productiun reshoot tomorrow.

We’re still waiting for Avecilla to arrive. It’s past two and I’m hungry. I forgot to have lunch and I’m not keen on going out for fear of being caught out and locked out of class.

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