Gusto mo pumayat?

September 1, 2006. One of my wisdom teeth has been growing more and more the past days. Unfortunately, I don’t think my mouth is big enough for another molar. The tooth has protruted out of my gums and is tearing part of my mouth apart so it could grow. My God, it’s so painful. Eating has now become an excruciating task. I can’t chew since I chew on my gum tissues when I use my molars. It’s hell.

It’s depressing too, especially when I’m hungry and I see food. I have just been eating watery goto and watery oatmeal. I also can’t even open my mouth to talk properly.

Anyway, before my backlog grows longer (I haven’t been updating much, I know), here’s a bunch of pictures from last Friday afternoon. I was with Con, Kim, Ayeen, Christer and Patty at Coffee Way. POST-SCRIPT (September 2, 2006): Picture of me courtesy of Patty Lazatin.

an afternoon at Coffee Way

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