Ngiti naman d’yan

Film 113 is one of our required film production classes. It’s where we get to actually shoot with film for the first time. Our class is fortunate enough to have been granted for free a few rolls of a hundred feet each of 16mm film from Kodak. Add that to a free whole day’s use of their Bolex camera, and our decision to simply take advantage of the Film Institute’s equipments, which we pay for with our laboratory fees anyway (but which we’re not supposed to pay for in the first place)–our class actually saved a lot of money compared to how other classes spent on their Film 113 productions. I am our group’s production manager, I should know.

We still considerably spent much less despite the fact that we had to schedule a reshoot because of some unforeseen circumstances and that the film and the camera by then wasn’t for free anymore. We also didn’t hire grips or gaffers to help us around. It was a very hands-on production. Onto some pictures.

September 11, 2006

It was Ice’s birthday the preceding weekend so she treated us to a pre-production dinner at Mang Jimmy’s.

September 12-13, 2006

Some things are always bound to go wrong in shoots. We were four hours delayed, some of our actors backed out, our film jammed, and I didn’t have extra clothes so I was wearing the same red shirt for two whole days. Knowing how sweaty I get, oh boy. Hehe.

We started shooting at around 8PM on Tuesday and called it a day at 2AM. It wasn’t supposed to go that way and I was supposed to go home to rest and come back the next day, but nah. We all slept over at Chantel’s.

We started shooting at around 10 AM the next day and ended the day at 4PM.

It was all supposed to end that Wednesday, but as I’ve said, due to some unforeseen circumstances like, realizing that our film jammed up and was unhinged from the camera spool all along, actors backing out, among other things, we had to reschedule a reshoot.

To make things a little worse, the other group in our class consumed all the remaining film stock which left us with no choice but to buy new stocks from Kodak.

September 26, 2006

We rescheduled our shoot last Tuesday.

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