Wake me up when everything’s over

September 13, 2006. When I got myself a PDA a few days ago to help me organize my very hectic academic and extra-curricular college life, I thought I would finally be able to keep my stress level tolerable. Still, things just had to go wrong.

First, I actually just came home from our Film 113 shoot, which went almost six hours behind schedule because of various circumstances. And that’s not all. We have to reshoot a couple of sequences on Tuesday, which means additional time and expenses. Boy, you should have an idea how stressful shoots can be.

I’m also stressing over various commitments with people in Mass Comm. I have a problem of always saying yes to people who ask me for favors. So I said yes to a lot of people and at the end of the day, I find myself tied up in commitments left and right. Student council, doing acting stints, keeping active membership status in two organizations, political work, keeping up with family and friends. Boy, right now, I just want to vanish and hibernate somewhere where no one will find me! I barely even have time for myself, rest and spend some leisure time, or to even do my own academic work.

The worst thing (for now) is this. This may make me sound shallow and materialistic–My personal computer died out on me tonight. With it are thousands of photographs, hundreds of documents, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Office, etcetera. For a PC-dependent college student human being like me, it’s like doomsday. My personal computer is an extension of my life! For now, while I try to re-organize my college life without my computer, my blogging will have to be my least priority. So that means, don’t expect me to update soon or often. *I’m using my mother’s laptop right now

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