Barako coffee from Amadeo

Cappucino made from Barako coffee from Amadeo, Cavite

October 29, 2006. The coffee that will be served in our soon-to-open restaurant is sourced from my father’s homewtown, Amadeo, Cavite. This cup of cappucino is made with pure Barako coffee from Amadeo. It will cost someone 30 pesos.

Save the Barako! websiteAmadeo is the Philippine’s self-proclaimed coffee capital. My grandfather’s farm, aside from papayas, pineapple and cocoa, is planted mainly with coffee. As young children, much to the annoyance of our elders, my cousins and I would play on heaps of fresh and colorful coffee beans being sun-dried in the backyard.

There are, however, no more heaps of colorful coffee beans in lolo’s backyard today. For the longest time, coffee farming in the small Cavite town was dying. It was only until recently when it has started recovering with the initiatives of the local government and some private institutions. It gladdens me to think that we are helping this recovery by serving our own Cavite coffee in our restaurant in Bulacan. Aside from coffee, we will also be getting most of our fruits (for the fresh fruit shakes) from Amadeo.

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