I mean no harm, birds!

October 19, 2006. We watched our footages for our short film in Film 113 with our instructor this morning. Admittedly, I’m a little disappointed myself, primarily because one of our sequences was missing and most of the rest were somewhat damaged because of the film spool accident. The missing footage, by the way, had been cut from the entire reel during its processing without us knowing. Anyway, I’m generally satisfied with the things we have learned.

After viewing our footages, Eka and I went off to Rina’s place. Before we got to leave UP though, we stopped along University Avenue and stayed to watch the cranes herons egrets peck and fly in the field in front of our college building. They were amusing, though these migratory birds fly off whenever we got near. It’s nice to feel that in the middle of a polluted metropolis, our university is a (safe) haven for such wildlife.

We picked Rina up from her home then we all had lunch at a fastfood place along Visayas Avenue. Thanks for the treat, Rina!


Eka and I went back to UP and spent the entire afternoon at the library.

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