Lost in stones

October 24, 2006. Sometimes, I look forward to (unintentionally) getting lost. Finding the way back is an experience I often look forward to.

with Comm Res 101 groupmates at Red Ribbon along Escriva St. in Ortigas Center My Communication Research 101 groupmates and I headed off to Ortigas yesterday morning to spend the whole day at Eka’s father’s condominium unit there to finish our reasearch paper. Unfortunately, I had an exam at 1 PM so I had to leave my groupmates early and head back to UP.

I’m inching closer to being fully on sembreak. I took my last exam last night, a Broadcast Communication 100 exam. It was one of the dreadful things Mr. Avecilla is known for. Our class was supposed to be from 1-4 PM. We waited for more then three hours. He came to class at around 4:30 PM, made us watch a film for around an hour, then finally made us take the exam by 6 PM. The exam was of the multiple choice type, consisted of a hundred items and had three hundred answer choices.

We finished the exam at past 8 PM. And this is a 1-4 PM class, may I remind you. All’s well though. Strangely, I’d have to say I still think Mr. Avecilla is one of the best professors in the university. He deserves all the fame and notoriety.

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