My shrine got pelted with eggs

October 14, 2006. Yesterday, for our final class exhibit for Conceptual Photography class, I decided to put up a shrine for our president. I appropriated a really nice picture of her during her inauguration where she actually looks like a saint, with the presidential seal behind her head. I retouched the photograph a bit to make Ms. Gloria glow more and then I enlarged it. I hung it over the lobby of Ishmael Bernal gallery then placed a table in front. I also brought in some flowers and some eggs as an offering. I left the gallery for a while to attend to other errands, but when I came back later that afternoon, the eggs were gone. They had been thrown at the portrait.

What the hell? This is supposed to be a shrine! Geez. UP students can be so disrespectful nowadays. Imagine, I had to clean all goo that before I left school. Shame!

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