Shall she stay?

October 22, 2006. Gloria Arroyo is hellbent on staying in power and crushing all resistance. Activists and journalists are being killed by the day, libel suits are being filed against critics, T

o limit the growth of the resistance, she continues to hypnotize people into “moving on” and tries to paint a rosy picture of the economy despite current low-profile government statistics proving that a quarter of the entire population live on just 36 pesos a day. Then there they go creating a public perception that there is an overwhelming threat of terrorism by bombing remote markets and killing a few people and circulating terrifying text messages in the metro–all so they could justify passing an “Anti-Terrorism Bill” which provides her government the authority to trample upon, on their discretion, the civil liberties we are entitled to.

And then of course there’s their ovewhelming desire to change the Constitution as soon as possible into one that not only entrenches the current administration congressmen’s hold on power but also obeys ‘suggestions’ of foreign financial institutions and the United States to allow foreign control on our basic social services and the media. All so that the administration, in the name of the Philippine government, could borrow more money to pocket.

And because there is the threat that the administration will lose control of Congress and of local governments in next year’s elections, they continue to refuse to revamp the Commission on Elections and implement real electoral reforms. They have also recently allocated billions of pesos for dubious feeding programs aside from their pork barrels to ensure a massive election warchest. And, as manifested recently by Makati Mayor J. Binay’s suspicion, they have begun neutralizing and demonizing opposition politicians months before the elections.

To ensure the support of army generals, she has saturated our civil bureaucracy with retired army and police generals, and has repaid those who helped her cheat in the 2004 elections. From appointing Gen. Esperon as Army Chief to appointing retired generals and policemen to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, to the Department of Public Works and Highways, to the Department of Transporation and Communication, and until recently she has invited a former army chief, General Senga, to head the National Broadcasting Network, a government TV station, and former police general Thompson Lantion, to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.

It’s scary. This administration sure has some good political strategists. Arroyo is indeed a Marcos, a Louis Napoleon, and a Hitler in the making. Heed the warnings. Don’t fall for administration propaganda. Preserve the resistance. Additional reading: Arroyo Moves Underscore That Resistance is Indeed Futile by Manuel Quezon III

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