Shoot and eat

October 26, 2006. I’m on official semestral break now. My group passed our final requirement for Communication Research 101 yesterday. I breathed a sigh of relief when my groupmate sent me a text message that she had passed our paper. And even if it was late for a few minutes, it doesn’t really matter to me much anymore. Whew.

I’ve been going to our Bulacan town for the past days. My mother commissioned me to make the marketing and publicity materials for our soon-to-open restaurant. Of course, before I get to do any menu layouts or posters, I had to have pictures of the dishes. I have been taking pictures of the initial menu the past two days–and for a first time attempt at food photography, I’m pretty satisfied.

pasta paella

After taking a dish’s photograph, of course, it’s free to be eaten. And who else would eat them but me. That’s what I loved about doing this project.

I didn’t eat everything all by myself, of course. My brother was also present and so were my mother and some distant relatives. For the photo shoot, I only used two pieces of illustration board, one fluorescent bulb, and natural light. It wasn’t that complicated after all.

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