Should one get into film school?

I came across two articles in One is an article with ten reasons why one shouldn’t go to film school and another one listing ten reasons why one should. Because getting into (well, as opposed to staying) in UP Film Institute is relatively inexpensive, if one is given the opportunity, I say he must not miss it. But I’d also like to give much weight on the reasons pointed out as to why one shouldn’t, though I’m not suggesting that one indeed shouldn’t. Benefits of one is inexclusive of the other, really.

True, one doesn’t learn filmmaking in classrooms alone, true. Much of the learning is gained outside school, in locations, in shoots, in pre-production meetings, in post-production editing–basically in experience. I don’t believe sheltering oneself in schools makes good artists, writers, and for this matter, filmmakers. Life’s experiences do. But then film school is still important, because it gives the opportunity and connections to be in the actual shoots, in the field, in pre-production, in the film industry, and all that. Unless, of course, if one already has pre-existing connections. Being in college is a life experience in itself, after all. But being in school is only complimentary in nature. Film majors don’t bury themselves in books as much, or spend as much time in the library as other courses. But it does not mean we’re studying or learning less in the university.

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